Tips To Get The Most Out Of Parking Lot Paving

28 November 2017
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A parking lot forms an integral part of your businesses and home, which in some case is your office. A parking lot gives the first impression of your business as clients pull up and drive away.  It would be such a shame to lose clients who harbor reservations about doing business with you because of your office area, beginning with the parking, was in disarray.

A well-kept parking lot paving, will work for you and not against you. Coupled with a tended lawn, your office environment provides a welcoming look and exudes an air of competence.

Getting the most out of your parking lot paving will require you to employ the services a good asphalt contractor who can take care of repairing and restoring dilapidated areas of the lot. Once this is achieved, even you will enjoy the feeling of pulling up to your business premises. Now imagine how your clients and potential clients will feel when they pull up to your driveway to conduct business.

Parking lot pavement preventative maintenance by an asphalt contractor will include:

1. Sealcoating

This procedure makes the asphalt visually appealing while offering protection from spillages and oxidation. Seal coating also preserves the asphalt from developing cracks thus increasing the longevity of your driveway. It should be applied once in every three years although it can be done more frequently depending on how heavy the usage of your parking lot paving is.

2. Crack Sealing

An asphalt contractor tending to your parking lot paving will make sure that any cracks that have developed over time are promptly sealed.

When this is done, the cracks will not have any effect on the overall lifespan of the asphalt as the deterioration that is usually as a result of water leaks into the base structure of the pavement has been mitigated. Annual inspections by your asphalt contractor will ensure that all cracks are attended to.

3. Patching

This is the removal and replacement of portions that have been totally damaged. Before this problem is fixed conditions like excessive water due to extreme weather, need to be dealt with first. A proper drainage system will alleviate the problem of excessive runoff providing a dry surface for patching.

It pays many dividends for business premises to engage the services of paving contractors and invest in a maintenance program for the long haul. This will not only prove beneficial but cost-effective considering that regularly maintained parking lots will last longer by an average of 10 to 15 years.

Also, you have peace of mind of knowing your parking lot paving will be looking great the whole year round, and this affects the way clients perceive your business (and it can impact your bottom line).

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