3 Signs You Are Dealing With A Qualified Parking Lot Sealing Expert

12 December 2017
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To maintain the flawless and smooth surface of an asphalt parking area, it is important that the area have sealcoating applied on occasion. Finding a service to sealcoat your parking area is easy since there are so many small business contractors who offer the service. However, not every sealing contractor is as skilled as they should be. In fact, there are a lot of people in this business who have not been professionally trained or who don't have the proper tools. How do you know you are working with the best? Here is a look at some of the signs that will tell you that you are working with a qualified parking lot sealing expert. 

The service professional brings along their own barricades and perimeter gear. 

When a parking area is sealed, it is important that customers are kept off of the finished product for a while until the finish cures. Therefore, the parts of your parking area that are being sealed will have to be blocked from pedestrian and vehicle traffic temporarily. The best contractors will bring along the necessary supplies to block off your parking area for you, whether it is barricades or caution tape and rope. 

The service professional is able to spot other problems with your parking area. 

Perhaps you have areas of pitting or severe cracks in your asphalt parking area. Contractors who specialize in sealcoating should be quite educated about specific types of problems you can have with asphalt and how they should be handled. If the contractor you hire for sealcoating takes the time to assess these damaged areas before they begin, there is a higher likelihood that you are dealing with a true professional. Some sealcoating contractors will even refuse to sealcoat a parking area that has a lot of damage. 

The service professional offers to finish the seal coating of your parking lot with freshly painted lines and striping. 

When the sealcoating goes down on a parking area, it covers those lines and stripes that divide parking spaces, show pedestrians where to walk, and keep people safe. Therefore, these lines and markings will have to be redone after a layer of sealcoat is applied. The best contractors will have everything to complete this part of the job after sealcoating. If a service tells you that they do not include lining and striping with their service, it can be best to pick a different service provider. 

Find a good parking lot sealing professional by talking with local companies, like R Williams Paving LLC, about their experiences and services.