2 Methods To Protect Your Asphalt Driveway

11 May 2018
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When selecting the type of paving you want installed for your home's driveway, there are several different choices you can go with. Asphalt paving is a less expensive option that has many benefits, as long as you keep its surface protected and taken care of. Here are some recommendations to keep your asphalt driveway protected through the years of sunshine and weather to keep it flexible, retain its moisture, and remain a durable surface for your vehicles.

Seal Your Driveway

Sealing your driveway with sealcoating every few years, as needed will keep your driveway flexible and protected from sun, moisture, and other weather conditions. Your asphalt pavement will naturally begin to dry out and lighten in color as times goes by, so as you keep an eye on its condition you can determine how soon you will need to complete any repairs to its surface.

Sealcoating is a project you can tackle on your own, with the right equipment and one or more buckets of sealcoating emulsion. Just be sure you clean and remove weeds from any cracks in your asphalt before you pour the sealcoating on its surface. Then, using a squeegee to smooth the sealcoating over the surface of your asphalt in an even layer will restore the flexible qualities of asphalt emulsion to your asphalt's surface.

Cool and Accentuate Your Driveway

When your asphalt driveway needs sealing to protect its surface and your investment, you can choose a sealant that will reflect sunlight as well as protect the pavement. An asphalt sealant that is lighter in color will make your black asphalt pavement able to reflect the sun's ultraviolet radiation off the pavement instead of absorbing the heat. This will help reduce the heat in your yard, on your vehicle, and even within your home, because when black pavement absorbs heat from the sun, it can radiate it into the environment for well into the night after the sun as set.

There are several types of sealants you can paint or spray onto your black pavement to color it white, light gray, or green, depending on your preference. These coatings contain acrylic latex and rubber polymers to make the application layer flexible and water resistant, just as a traditional sealcoating is. Although these types of treatments can cost more than sealcoating, they usually last much longer to protect your pavement and reflect the sun's heat from its surface.

You can apply this type of reflective sealant as your own DIY project, or hire a professional sealcoating services company to complete the project.