Parking Lot Pot Holes: 4 Ways They Can Wreak Havoc On Your Business

18 September 2019
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If you've got potholes in your commercial parking lot, it's time to have it repaved. Many commercial property owners view potholes as minor inconveniences, but that's not the case. The fact is that potholes in your asphalt parking lot can do considerable harm to your business. Here are four ways that those potholes can wreak havoc on your business.

They Can Cause Car Accidents

If you have potholes in your commercial parking lot, you're at an increased risk for car accidents. Large, deep potholes can cause drivers to lose control of their cars while they're traveling through your parking lot. Not only can those accidents cause significant damage to your customers vehicles; they can also cause injuries. The best way to reduce those risks is to have your damaged parking lot repaved as soon as possible.

They Can Cause Trip-and-Fall Accidents

If your parking lot is covered in potholes, your employees and customers are at risk for trip-and-fall accidents. Unfortunately, tripping in a pothole can cause serious injuries, including broken legs and ankles. If your customers trip and fall in those potholes, you could end up facing personal injury claims. Not only that, but if your employees are injured as a result of the potholes, you could be looking at workers compensation claims. You can avoid the risk of liability by repairing the potholes immediately.

They Can Cause Vehicle Damage

If your parking lot contains numerous potholes, your customers and employees could be at risk for significant vehicle damage. Going over large potholes in your car can cause damage to the suspension and axles. Not only that, but the jagged edges of deep potholes can puncture tires, which can lead to blow-outs. Unfortunately, customers may refuse to do business with you once they suffer enough damage to their cars. Prevent vehicle damage and keep your customers happy by having your parking lot repaired whenever potholes develop.

They Can Cause Soil Erosion

In addition to the injuries and accidents potholes cause, they can also cause soil erosion. Unfortunately, soil erosion isn't a minor issue, especially where your parking lot is concerned. Significant soil erosion can undermine the structural integrity of your parking lot, and can even lead to sink holes, which are considerably larger than your basic pothole.

The best way to protect your parking lot from soil erosion is to take care of potholes before they become a problem. Contact a company like Custom Paved Driveways to find out the best way to take care of potholes on your property.