Asphalt Paving Contractors Are Ready To Complete A Broad Range Of Projects

29 January 2021
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Asphalt paving contractors complete a broad range of tasks for clients. Projects range from filling potholes to installing blacktop on an unpaved surface. Installation projects can be relatively small, like paving a residential driveway. They can be large, such as building a new road. Much of the time, the workers are busy repairing flaws that develop because of heavy traffic and certain types of weather.

An Asphalt Overlay

Owners of parking lots typically want to upgrade the pavement when the older blacktop has faded to a dull gray and the paint has worn off. The workers place one or two inches of new asphalt over the old surface. The result is referred to as an overlay. This significantly increases the lifespan and the aesthetic appeal of the lot.


When the blacktop is ready, the workers paint stripes and other features according to the client's instructions. The rich dark pavement and the fresh paint make the property more attractive. The combination creates a positive impression on people who come to park there.

Repair Service

Small cracks and holes will eventually develop on blacktop that experiences a significant amount of traffic. Asphalt undergoes a certain level of deterioration because of ultraviolet light and the weight of vehicles. In regions with repeated freezing and thawing, blacktop can develop holes and cracks. Parking lots with heavy trucks routinely unloading products can develop substantial damage over time.

Hairline cracks are barely noticeable. Applying sealcoating material stops the problem from worsening, but commercial property owners rarely see these flaws until the cracks are bigger.

Once cracks begin to widen, a paving contractor should be called to fill them. Otherwise, moisture seeps in and causes deterioration. Cracks continue getting bigger. This detracts from the appearance of the blacktop and can annoy drivers. That's especially true when the edges of both sides begin to crumble and the pavement surface becomes uneven.

Holes and cracks normally are filled with new material. Larger, more serious flaws require more effort to resolve. Workers cut away the damaged area using a saw with a special cutting blade. They remove this portion of the pavement, after which they prepare the gravel or dirt underneath. Now the open spaces can be filled with new asphalt.

Concluding Thoughts

No matter what kind of paving project a property owner has in mind, asphalt contractors are ready to assist. Prospective customers can reach out to contractors for quotes on tasks such as paving from scratch, overlaying old pavement, and repairing damage.