Parking Lot Paving: 4 Benefits Of Permeable Paving Systems

16 April 2021
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Installing permeable pavers in your parking lot offers aesthetic and environmental benefits. The permeable pavement concept has become a popular parking lot paving solution compared to traditional alternatives.

Essentially, permeable paving entails the installation of plastic grids with fill materials that allow water to seep into the ground. Permeable pavers are the perfect substitute for asphalt and concrete. They offer durability, and they are a versatile parking lot solution. It's easy to install a permeable paving system in your parking lot. It can withstand heavy foot traffic, trucks, and you can use it as a temporary parking lot solution.

Here are more benefits of installing permeable pavers.

Storm Water Management

Permeable pavers are the perfect solution when you need a practical stormwater management option. When installed professionally, these pavers capture rainwater and direct it into the soil. They prevent the effects of runoff that overwhelms storm drainage systems. If you want to protect the environment, permeable pavers can help. The plastic rollout system leads water into the ground. The fill material helps with filtration to reduce the pollutants in the water. You should consult a professional parking lot paving technician who is conversant with permeable pavers before you install the system.

They're Durable

When the plastic pavers are compacted with the right fill material, they offer durability just like concrete and asphalt. You don't have to worry about wear and tear. The permeable system can support heavy wheel loaders or backhoe trucks without breaking or buckling. The joints in the system tilt with any movement in the soil. If there is frost, permeable systems don't freeze like other traditional paving materials. Also, the system isn't susceptible to cracks or potholes.

A Low-Cost Solution

Traditional paving solutions tend to be labor-intensive. Permeable paving isn't. When you evaluate the installation on a per square foot basis, permeable paving is cost-effective. You can source fill materials locally, and the plastic pavers can be made for recyclable materials. It's possible to install permeable pavers on a tight budget, based on the type of rollout systems you choose. Once installed and filled over, permeable pavements are low maintenance.  Always work with parking lot paving technicians since they help you to pick the right rollout systems that suit your budget.

A Sustainable Option

The use of recyclable material in a permeable paving system makes it an eco-friendly option. Manufacturers use recyclable byproducts from different industries, and it reduces the amount of waste going to the landfills. When the plastic pavers outlive their functionality, they can be recycled as well. When you engage parking lot paving services, they ensure professional installation of permeable paving systems, even if you want them as a temporary parking lot paving solution.

To learn more about the benefits of permeable paving systems, contact a parking lot paving service near you.