Asphalt Pavement Care and Maintenance Recommendations

20 April 2021
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Asphalt and pavement maintenance is an integral part of home and property ownership upkeep. Any neglect of your property and its exterior will cause devaluation and damage that can adversely affect other areas of your property. Here are some recommendations about taking care of your asphalt pavement for great performance and long-lasting quality.

1. Prepare the Pavement

When you are a responsible homeowner, you realize all the tasks that need attention in the spring when the weather begins to warm up. From landscaping to pavement, it all is going to need cleaning and repairs to keep it in quality condition. Your asphalt pavement will need inspecting and repairs after the months of freezing temperatures and moisture application on its surface. 

Check your asphalt for cracks and fill them with an asphalt crack filler so you don't experience further growth in the pavement to pothole formation. Clean out the interior of the cracks with a broom or water sprayer nozzle. Remove any spring weed or grass growth from the cracks. Also clean and inspect the surrounding edges of your asphalt to pay attention to any damage from winter weather and ice. 

Be sure you clean your asphalt with a garden hose and asphalt cleaner to scrub off vehicle stains, such as oil and grease. Then, if you haven't sealcoated your asphalt surface in the last few years, spring is the perfect opportunity to do so. The weather is cooler but not too hot so the sealcoating will cure and harden over the surface of your pavement.

2. Hire Professional Repairs

There will be times when your asphalt's condition is greatly in need of professional repairs, especially when winter damage affects the under layers of your asphalt and foundation. And when your asphalt has begun to dry out, turn grey in appearance, and form cracks over its surface, you can have professional repairs applied to its surface to restore it. 

Professional asphalt repairs to your pavement will seal off any large and deep cracks and fill potholes. Then, with an asphalt sealcoating, the surface of the pavement will be sealed and its flexibility restored with a new black appearance. If you want to apply your own sealcoating treatment, be sure you remove dust and dirt with a broom or your garden hose. Then, let it dry fully before you smooth and spread on the sealcoat emulsion. A new sealcoating will usually take a couple of hours to completely dry but you should keep your vehicles off its surface for a couple of days.

For more information, contact asphalt sealcoting services.