Concrete Sealing Protects Your Driveway From Damage And Can Even Make The Concrete Attractive

17 November 2021
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If you're having a new concrete driveway installed, you'll probably want to have the concrete sealed afterward. You may need to wait a few weeks before calling the concrete sealing company so the concrete has time to cure. Here's why concrete sealing is important and why you may want to have it done.

Sealer Protects Concrete In Freezing Weather

If you live where the freeze and thaw cycle occurs during the winter months, then you'll probably want to have your driveway sealed to protect it from damage caused by freezing. The sealer creates a waterproof coating on the concrete that keeps rain and snow from seeping in tiny cracks and pores on your driveway.

If rain seeps into the concrete and freezes, the ice expands. This leads to cracks forming in the concrete. As more cracks develop, they are also damaged during the freeze and thaw cycle, and the damage on your driveway escalates. This type of driveway damage can be prevented with concrete sealing.

Sealer Makes Your Driveway More Attractive

If you prefer the look of plain concrete, you can get a sealer that is invisible after it's applied. However, you might enjoy a glossy sheen on your driveway. If that's the look you want, the concrete sealing company may choose an acrylic sealer that makes the concrete look wet after it's applied.

This sealer can make your driveway look a little more attractive and well cared for. The sealing company can choose from a variety of sealers that have different purposes and qualities, so if you want glossy concrete, be sure to let the company know when they're choosing the best sealer to use.

Concrete Sealing Helps Protect Against Stains

If you want the concrete to stay attractive and free from damage, the concrete sealing company might choose a silicone penetrating sealer that protects against water and oil stains, damage from road salt, and mold and algae growth. Penetrating sealers seep into the pores of the concrete and become invisible, so they don't change the color of your driveway or add gloss. However, they help keep your driveway clean and also protect against freezing and thawing damage.

Some Sealers Add Color To The Concrete

If you want a colored driveway rather than the usual plain gray concrete, then talk to your concrete sealing company about choices in colors. You might want an earth-tone color that adds a nice visual appeal to your property, but you have a wide range of colors from which to choose. You might even want to mix colors or create patterns on your driveway with alternating colors.