3 Signs You Should Call Your Paving Contractor To Pave Your Commercial Parking Lot

5 May 2022
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Your commercial parking lot can be good or bad for your business, depending on its quality and appearance. The parking lot should always be in good shape if you want to keep clients coming to your commercial building. Your commercial parking lot paving can serve you for many years when installed correctly and repaired when necessary.

However, if you don't repair minor damage on time, they can develop and eventually need premature replacement. For this reason, it is important to know the signs that your parking lot paving is damaged and when to call the repair contractor. Below are various signs that you should hire paving repair professionals.

1. Tiny Visible Cracks

If your parking space receives massive traffic, the parking lot will begin to crack after a while. This is known as alligator cracking. Although cracks can develop at any point in your parking space, they usually start appearing around the gutters, joints, and curbs. It is vital to pay attention to these spots.

Ignoring such cracks causes them to expand to a point where drivers have to avoid the cracks. Allowing the damage to get to this point can significantly affect your brand and send potential clients away. Therefore, it is critical to hire professionals to seal the cracks during the early stages to enhance the integrity of the parking space and maintain a great business image.

2. Water Pools

Your parking lot needs proper drainage to prevent extensive water damage and extend its life. However, pools of water on the parking lot after it rains indicate that the drainage system is not efficient. Over time, this standing water will affect the parking lot foundation, causing extensive damage.

Depending on their extent, fixing such damage will require expensive repairs or even replacement. Therefore, it is vital to call the professionals immediately if you notice water pools in your commercial parking space to prevent severe damage.

3. Color Changes Due to Oxidization

Your parking lot might start losing its color due to various reasons. The biggest contributor to a discolored driveway is harsh UV rays and other weather elements. Oil and chemical spills can also cause color changes in your parking lot. A great way professionals reduce the chances of discoloration is by seal coating it. However, experts recommend resurfacing or milling the pavement before applying the sealant to protect it if the damage has already occurred.

If you want an eye-catching commercial parking lot, you should take care of it and seek timely repairs. Regular inspections will help paving contractors catch any signs of damage early and repair them before they progress. Contact the paving contractors on time to prevent serious and expensive damage when you notice the signs above. For more information on commercial paving services, contact a company near you.