4 Major Benefits Of Asphalt Seal Coating

27 January 2023
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Asphalt seal coating is used to extend the lifespan of paved surfaces. The process involves using a thin layer of coating to protect the surface of the asphalt. If it is not applied, the asphalt will start to deteriorate. The process usually starts with fading. The cracks form, which will allow water intrusion. The water can cause cracks to expand or become more significant damage such as alligator cracks or potholes. Read More 

Residential Concrete Sealing: Application Tips To Be Mindful Of

10 January 2023
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If you have important concrete surfaces outside, such as a patio or driveway, they are constantly exposed to the elements, which means weathering could happen. Fortunately, concrete sealing is a renovation you can complete to give concrete weatherproof capabilities. You'll maximize them too if you follow these application protocols. Remove Existing Sealant if Present If you already applied a sealant product to concrete around your property, you'll want to strip it before you apply a new sealant. Read More