Sealcoating Your Driveway

23 January 2018
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It is essential for you to follow the basics of caring for a driveway if you are to keep it safe from suffering a range of possible problems and damages. Asphalt sealcoating will be one of the most important things that you can do in this regard, and learning more about this type of driveway care will help you with avoiding these serious problems.

What Does A Sealcoat Do For Your Driveway?

Having a sealcoat applied to your driveway can help to protect it in a number of ways. For example, the sealcoat will serve as a waterproof barrier that will prevent the asphalt or concrete from becoming damages by having water enter through the surface pores. Reflecting or absorbing the sun's ultraviolet rays of light will be another way that a sealcoat will serve to protect the pavement. Without this layer of protection, the pavement may become discolored and brittle due to the ultraviolet light breaking down the exposed pavement.

When Will You Be Able To Use The Driveway Again?

When the sealcoat has been applied, you should avoid using the driveway until this coat has had a chance to fully dry. If the sealcoat does not fully drive before you drive on it, you could inadvertently remove some of the sealcoat due to it becoming stuck to the tires of the car. If you have concerns about the impacts that this will create for you using your driveway, it may be useful to know that the drying and curing process for the sealcoat should be done within a day.

Does A Sealcoat Require Any Type Of Care?

After the sealcoat has been applied to the pavement, it may be necessary to perform some basic maintenance on it in order to prevent it from breaking down prematurely. Regularly cleaning the pavement will be among the most basic and essential types of preventative maintenance for sealcoats. However, cleaning the sealcoat will usually be the only type of maintenance that will be needed until it comes time to reapply the driveway application.

Knowing the various ways that a sealcoat on your driveway can benefit it will enable you to make a smart choice about applying one to your home's driveway. This will include knowing what to expect when having it applied as well as the type of care that will be needed to keep it in good condition. By keeping the sealcoat well-maintained, you can be sure that it provides your driveway with the most comprehensive protection possible.