Paving Your Business's Parking Lot

3 October 2022
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Providing parking spots for your business's customers can be essential. However, this will likely require the parking lot to be paved. For these projects, asphalt is a popular choice that can be attractive, durable, and affordable.

Avoid Letting Large Puddles Of Water Form On The Pavement

During the process of designing the new parking lot, care should be taken to create a plan that will avoid creating low areas that could trap water and cause large puddles to form. These puddles can make the parking lot more difficult to drive and walk through. However, these puddles can also increase the risk of asphalt degrading due to moisture intrusion. If there are going to be low spots in your parking lot, drains should be installed that will allow the water to be transported away from the parking lot.

Have An Idea As To The Flow Of Traffic During The Design Of The Parking Lot

Creating a sensible and effective flow of traffic through the parking lot will be another goal that you should prioritize during these projects. To this end, you will need to consider the entrances and exits to the property along with any traffic lights that may impact the flow of traffic. For example, if there is a traffic light at the exit of the property, your design may need to be able to accommodate a line of vehicles waiting for the light to change while blocking as little of the parking lot as possible. This may also impact whether or not you will need to angle the parking spots to encourage drivers to follow the designated paths through the lot.

Use Reflective Paint When Marking The Parking Lot's Lanes And Spaces

The line markings that are applied to the asphalt will be something to consider when you are planning for this paving project. Luckily, there are professional parking lot line marking services that can handle this actual labor for you. However, you will need to decide between traditional or reflective paint for these markings. While reflective paint may have a higher cost, it will be much easier to see during times when visibility is low. Not surprisingly, this could make it an option that will help to keep your parking lot a safe place for cars and pedestrians to travel through. As an added benefit, reflective paint can tend to have a longer lifespan, which may allow you to go for longer before it will need to be reapplied.

Reach out to a commercial asphalt paving service to learn more.