Do You Need Driveway Pavement Repair Services To Give Your Property A Facelift?

24 October 2022
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Do you think the paved surfaces on your property create a bad image for your business? As a commercial property owner, you know that the appearance of your business is important. First impressions matter, and if potential customers see a cracked, broken, or otherwise damaged driveway, they may not have the best impression of your business. That's why it's important to keep an eye out for paving problems that need repair services. Here are common issues that will need driveway paving repair services.

1. Potholes and Cracks

Over time, the weight of vehicles passing over the pavement can cause it to crack and form potholes. These cracks and potholes can not only be unsightly, they can also pose a safety hazard to both drivers and pedestrians.

In addition, they allow water to seep beneath the pavement, which can lead to larger problems down the road. Driveway pavement repair involves filling and leveling these sections to restore a smooth surface.

2. Sinkholes

Another problem that can occur with commercial driveways is sinkholes. Sinkholes are usually caused by drainage problems or by the collapse of underground tunnels or caves. They can range in size from a few inches wide to several feet wide, and they can be very dangerous. If a sinkhole forms in your driveway, it's important to have it repaired as soon as possible so that it doesn't pose a risk to people or your property.

3. Drainage Problems

If water isn't draining properly from your driveway, it can pool on the surface and cause cracks, potholes, and other damage. In addition, standing water can attract mosquitoes and other pests. Driveway pavement repair services can rectify these problems by digging new channels or making the right slope.

4. Damage from Snow and Ice

Ice and snow can also wreak havoc on your commercial driveway. Snow plows can damage the pavement, and salt used to melt ice can also cause deterioration over time.

Water damage causes the pavement to crack due to freezing and thawing cycles. Paving contractors can sealcoat these surfaces to prevent water infiltration.

5. Root Infiltration

Plant roots can grow underneath the pavement and cause cracks or unevenness on the surface of the driveway. If you have trees or other plants growing near your driveway, be sure to have them checked regularly for root damage so that any necessary repairs can be made before the damage becomes too severe. The contractor can uproot nearby trees or install a root barrier.

Keeping them in good shape gives your property a positive image, so keeping them in good shape is essential for your business. Contact driveway pavement repair services to fix any of these problems when they arise. Reach out to a local service, such as All Star Paving, LLC, to learn more.