4 Major Benefits Of Asphalt Seal Coating

27 January 2023
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Asphalt seal coating is used to extend the lifespan of paved surfaces. The process involves using a thin layer of coating to protect the surface of the asphalt. If it is not applied, the asphalt will start to deteriorate. The process usually starts with fading. The cracks form, which will allow water intrusion. The water can cause cracks to expand or become more significant damage such as alligator cracks or potholes.

It is important to note that seal coating will not correct imperfections. It can prevent them from occurring when it is done as recommended by paving contractors. If paving is already damaged, repairs such as crack filling or patching will need to be performed before the liquid is applied. The following points identify key benefits to expect from asphalt seal coating.

Slow Deterioration Rate

Seal coating produces a barrier between the asphalt and things that can damage it. Fluid leaks from vehicles and the sun's rays can cause damage. When the sun's UV rays mix with air, an oxidation process occurs. This can also cause damages such as cracks that progressively worsen if the issue is not addressed with paving repairs and asphalt seal coating.

Maintain Aesthetics

One of the best ways to reduce cosmetic damage to asphalt is to ensure that seal coating is done as recommended. It is not a one-time service and will need to be redone every few years. A fresh coat can instantly revive the appearance of a parking lot or driveway. In some cases, it can make the paved area look like it has been recently paved.

Prevent Water Intrusion

Seal coating creates a protective barrier that protects against deterioration. Water has to have an entry point to cause damage to asphalt. It can seep into cracks from rain and snow. The biggest threat is usually in the colder months when freeze and thaw cycles occur. The frozen precipitation can cause cracks to expand and create significant damage if the paving is not seal-coated.

Easier Maintenance

Asphalt seal coating also makes it easier to clean paved surfaces. Vehicle fluid leaks, dirt, and grime can make paved surfaces look unsightly. The substances may also be difficult to remove. However, the coating on the asphalt makes cleaning easier. This includes sweeping leaves and washing the surface with a garden hose.

A paving contractor is a good resource to use to learn more about seal coating. They can explain its importance and inspect paving to determine if there are defects present that need to be addressed. Seal coating is an affordable way to get the longest lifespan out of paving.