3 Benefits Of Choosing Synthetic Bricks To Build Your Backyard Patio Instead Of Using Natural Bricks

5 May 2023
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A brick patio in your backyard is an attractive addition that gives you and your guests a place to relax and enjoy the landscape. Bricks are a great choice for backyard patios because they're durable and have a rustic appeal. 

If you want to install a brick patio, you can choose to either use natural bricks made from clay or synthetic bricks made from high-density plastic. Synthetic bricks look the same as natural bricks and are typically less expensive. They also have a number of advantages over natural bricks, often making them the better choice for building a patio. To learn three benefits of using synthetic bricks for your backyard patio instead of natural bricks, read on.

1. Synthetic Bricks Don't Need to Be Sealed

The biggest benefit of choosing synthetic bricks for your patio instead of natural ones is that you don't have to seal synthetic bricks, making them easier to maintain. Natural bricks are slightly porous, so water can seep inside them. You'll have to periodically seal a brick patio to keep the water out. If you forget to seal your patio, rainwater entering your bricks will cause them to weaken. If water gets inside the bricks and freezes, they'll crack apart. Synthetic bricks, on the other hand, are entirely waterproof. You never have to worry about sealing them or risk your patio being damaged if you forget to seal them on time.

2. Synthetic Bricks Weigh Much Less Than Natural Bricks

Synthetic bricks are much lighter than natural bricks, which makes them easier to transport to your backyard. It also makes them easier to install. Installing a natural brick patio requires carrying large amounts of bricks out to your backyard and laying the heavy bricks down by hand. Whether you choose to install your synthetic brick patio yourself or have it professionally installed, the process is much faster and easier than installing a patio made from natural bricks.

3. Synthetic Bricks Resist Stains

The fact that synthetic bricks are waterproof makes them more stain resistant than natural bricks. If you're having a party in your backyard and someone spills ketchup or mustard on natural bricks, it can leave a stain as it seeps into the brick. You sometimes need to powerwash natural bricks in order to remove stains that have soaked into the brick and become embedded. Synthetic bricks can be easily cleaned using soap and water since nothing will penetrate into the brick.

If you're installing a brick patio in your backyard, synthetic bricks will look just as good and they're easier to clean and maintain. The synthetic brick material naturally repels water and stains. Synthetic bricks are also much quicker to install, letting you start enjoying your new patio faster.

Contact a local brick company, such as Brick Design Co, to learn more about synthetic bricks.