Asphalt Paving Contractors: Benefits Of Hiring Professionals For Driveway Hole Repair

29 June 2023
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Holes can eventually develop around residential driveways due to natural wear and constant pressure from vehicles. If you want to fill some around your property, hire asphalt paving contractors to enjoy a few things. 

Precisely Measure the Hole

It's a good idea to figure out how much asphalt mix to order for holes around the driveway because if you're precise, you can avoid waste and not spend as much. You'll know the exact amount to order when you hire asphalt paving contractors.

The first thing they'll do is precisely measure the hole around your asphalt driveway. They know exactly how much asphalt mix is appropriate based on the hole's dimensions, saving you from guessing and hoping you're right.  

Recommend Cold Asphalt Mix

Cold asphalt mix is a superior product when repairing holes around an asphalt driveway because it doesn't require heating. Proper mixing is all that's required.

If you hire asphalt paving contractors, they can suggest a cold asphalt mix that they know works great because they have hands-on experience. The mixture will have the right ingredients and be appropriate for the exact type of asphalt your driveway consists of, making driveway hole repair easier to deal with.

Quickly Suck up Loose Debris

Asphalt paving contractors are all about proper preparation when it comes to fixing residential asphalt driveways. For holes, they'll take the time to suck up debris inside them.

Debris removal may not seem a big deal, but it's a significant step because it ensures the asphalt mix adheres to the bottom surface of the hole and subsequently holds up for a long time. 

Paving contractors can suck up the loose debris with a shop vacuum until nothing remains inside the hole. 

Protect the Patch Until it Dries 

Once you get asphalt mix set up inside a hole and tamp it tight, you need to wait until it dries. Asphalt paving contractors are handy because they'll protect the patched-up area until the mix has had enough time to cure fully. 

That means a patch that holds up regardless of how often you drive over it with your vehicle. For example, contractors can place boards over the patch and barriers around it to keep people from interfering. 

You never want to leave a hole around an asphalt driveway because it can cause vehicle damage and other issues over time. Hire asphalt paving contractors as soon as you find holes in your driveway.